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User Avatar Rohit De

‘India at 75’ Programme

What is the story of India since its inception 75 years ago? How did its foundational politics shape what the

User Avatar Centre for Writing and Communication

An Introduction to Academic Integrity & Ethics

The Introductory Course on Academic Integrity & Ethics is a mandatory course for all first-year undergraduate students at Ashoka University.

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User Avatar Shree

Writing & Communication | Crafting your unique story for success

Every good story about yourself starts with who you are. This course, over 4 weekends, takes you through the 3

User Avatar Jenya Wadhwani

Psychology | Measuring the Unmeasurable

Psychologists are obsessed with measuring outcomes. But measuring psychological constructs such as happiness is not quite the same as measuring

User Avatar Ananya Sharma

International Relations | War, Peace & Drones

Ever wondered how the Russia-Ukraine conflict or the US-China standoff over Taiwan could alter the global chessboard or shape your

User Avatar Prof. Alok Bhattacharya

Biology | Our Past Through Biomolecules

Biomolecules often preserve in them archeological records, revealing secrets that the naked eye cannot see. Through these molecular traces, we